It does not take long to realize that anger can show itself in the very young.  Trying to discern when that little one needs caring for, or when they are already displaying a temper tantrum can become a challenge to every parent.  When they carry on with added emphasis as they grow older it becomes deeply concerting. 

We have no idea what it can lead to in an individual, but it soon displays itself and we read, or hear about it from the media.  I wonder sometimes if is just me or are we failing to deal with the matter properly in the early stages of life.  I believe the latter to be true, but I also think that simple Biblical principles have been discarded.

Solomon gave much solid advice in the Book of Proverbs; I will give an illustration from Chapter 22:24, 25 which indicates that the childhood training was lacking.  “Do not associate with a man given to anger; or go with a hot-tempered man, or you will learn his ways and find a snare for yourself.”  One who lacks sensitivity about those with whom he associates will in the end be duplicating what he initially thought to be wrong.

How often have we been the recipient of someone’s anger?  The worst about it was that we begin initially to react to that person in the same manner in which they treat us; in that moment we loath our self!

Again and again we are instructed to, as the old saying goes, “bite your tongue”.  Only the grace of God will enable us to rise above the occasion and demonstrate who our “FRIEND”, our “associate” really is. 

If I am walking with the Lord, hopefully I will recognize His presence and also I will not be walking with a hot tempered person who would produce a negative influence on my conversation.

The songwriter put it this way: “I walk with the KING, Hallelujah!”

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