People lay out their opinions about why they do or do not give credence to the Holy Scriptures.  Some of them prove interesting while others prove that the problem is conjured from negative experiences as early as childhood.  I am not an argumentative person, as I have mentioned before, so I allow it to remain in the other person’s brain and not allow it to impound my established conclusions.

Hopefully, you do not conclude that I think that person to be a “nut”; I am satisfied with my conclusions, my comfort zone, of a few years of exposure—85 to be exact.

There was someone who gave indication to Jesus that “I will follow you, wherever You go.”  That is, in actuality, a wonderful statement to make when it comes down to the thought of a person desirous of being a “disciple”!  In due time some of the experiences encountered will separate the talk from the walk!

Most of us have little or no problem recalling Peter sharing that same idea with and about the Lord Jesus.  Why, Peter even suggested, at the time of Jesus betrayal, “Lord!  I will even follow you to death”.   Immediately, Jesus searched the eyes of Peter and said the equivalent of: “Peter!  Before this very night is over you will have denied me three times.”  Then comes the trial of the Savior- What a farce that turned into!  As it progressed we read of a “rooster crowing”, and crowing again, and still crowing for round three; it is then we read how the memory of Peter crushed his thinking.  Peter went out and wept bitterly”. (The story in full- Matthew 26)

Here is an individual who wants to follow Jesus under his conditions.  He desires to go home and bury his father.  Jesus presents what he must be willing to do.  Are you willing to follow me, not knowing where you might lay your head at night?  About your father, are you conscious of the fact that you may never attend his funeral?  Please think about this when you talk about following Christ.  It has been said, “Do you need a sexton’s shovel or a resurrection trumpet”?

Perhaps it was at your parents knees that you finished: “Now I lay me down to sleep…” and you prayed for Christ to be your Savior and Lord, or in a Sunday School class, or a VBS, or a Church Service, or in a moment of great fear?  Perhaps as you read this, you will, like Peter, REMEMBER.  In recalling that moment, have you been aroused in your memory sufficient to, like Peter, weep for your failure?

Our reference in the outset of these thoughts was one who made a commitment that he was unable to keep.  Jesus knew him, and reminded him in advance of the cost of discipleship.

It would behoove you to make a fresh commitment and determine to follow HIM!  He is worthy and He will enable.

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