There is a wealth of information in the Book of Colossians which needs emphasizing at this juncture in history. However, the lessons that are presented throughout the Word of God are foreign to the hearts of humanity. What God teaches and mans desires are in conflict from birth. One of the first words a person learns is “NO!” He / She stands in opposition to parents and there is obvious selfishness to even sharing he/she their toys.

Here and there we spot someone who rises above the norm of the hour. Thanks-giving and Christmas are excellent examples. Tons of food and toys flood the unfortunate who are “existing” on the meagerness that has beset them. Granted, some of it has been self imposed as a result of poor choices, but not all.

One of the many challenges that Paul the Apostle presents to the “saints and fellow brethren in Christ at Colossae”, (1:2) is to “put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity. (3:14) I find it interesting to review what he has already said about love or charity in the three chapters up to this point, but needs to be re-emphasized now.

If one needs an analogy, it behooves us to reflect on what happens when we arise from our beds and prepare for the day’s activities. We do not continue in our bed-clothes, we do what we see as mandatory. This preparatory work is an obligation to us and to those with whom we affiliate throughout the day.

When reading the entire chapter, (I suggest you should) there is an emphatic listing of additional graces that should fill our attire, but I have to admit that if I put on this one, the others will follow. Do not think for a moment that this is a “natural”, it comes with discipline, devotion, determination. We must recognize that if we slip somewhere, we need to immediately make a correction so that it does not become repetitious.

Charity can be in meeting people’s needs physically, but our days are filled with opportunities to show charity without it costing us a penny or a fortune. Put it in your think tank and utilize it twenty four seven. An action, a word of greeting, a thank-you, a driving courtesy, and the list is unending.

Put on CHARITY daily!

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