I was working for a bank in Bermuda when the lady asked: “Would you take me to my Safe Deposit Box?” After all of the normal procedures of clearance, I escorted her there. Then she asked: “Would you help me to sort through the items and find what I need?” My response was simple, “I am not allowed to do that.”

The years have slipped by, but I never forgot that request and my inability to respond to help her in the way she wanted. However, I have been enabled of the Lord to direct people to their Safe Deposit Box, time and again. It has been a spiritual journey.

Preparing for a sermon this week, I was impressed with how God had touched individuals of “celebrity status” and brought about their salvation. With that thought, another entered my mind, “no matter who we are, we all require the same amount of blood for salvation; we must come to the “safe deposit” box which contains the “blood” of the Savior, Jesus Christ.” Other blood will not suffice, it is HIS alone, and individuals, celebrity or peon, has access to it. Scripture makes it clear that sin has been atoned for in the offering of the blood of Jesus, but though I may lead you to it, you must open your heart and access it. From there you apply it and experience salvation. It is not just your head, it is the heart!

“He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed.”

(1 Peter 1:24)

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