Our father was somewhat of a fanatic as far as time was concerned. One of his philosophies was that “unless you were fifteen minutes early, you were not on time, you were late”. You could almost set your clock or watch by his programmed absorption with his attitude about time.

I was speaking with an older man who was endeavoring to ascertain just “who is your father”? Finally, he said: “I know him. He is mister clock! Dad used to take my mother to work daily and this gentleman watched consistently.

Another “hang up”, as I called them, was when he would see any of us “taking a break”. He would lament: “Time is money!” He did not die a rich man, but he did not die a poor man either. My family insists that I am a “chip off the old block”.

I recall the first occasion that I discovered Galatians 4:4…”But when the fullness of the time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law.” To think that God had every moment of every day marked on His calendar! Now, I already knew this from the Christmas story… the prophecies concerning the birth of Christ and their fulfillment, but I was impacted by what I read for myself and could see the weaving together of that and many other details. God was in charge! Nothing was haphazard.

Are you not glad to see the intricacies of our universe? That too is indicative of His hand. By the way, they still sell the Farmer’s Almanac.

In conclusion, about that four letter word called TIME …It is “TIME TO SEEK THE LORD!!! (Hosea 10:12)

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