In 1986 we began the Commitment ministry. Together, Patsy and I had prayed and sought the Lord concerning our future. Her health and the weather had determined where we located…Arizona.

It allowed us thirty more years of music and Bible teaching together. There were opportunities to re-locate, but we were confident of God’s leading and remained as we knew He had placed us.

Perhaps it might have been our ingrained philosophy about the ministry of the Word and the style of music that helped us to remain confident of our Lord’s leadership. I have never enjoyed a ministry that did not allow me to know each parishioner closely. I also realize that may be a disadvantage while pastoring a church in this era.

I am certain that there are those who feel that I am Old Fashioned and even Puritanical in some ways. Out here there is an abundance of older folk, and sufficient, to appreciate us remaining that way. You would expect those younger folk to go in a different direction because of the confusion that ebbs out of our more modern approaches to the ministry. Most of the older folk still appreciate bringing their Bibles and checking me out. The big screens and songs that take me back to the “old life” before my salvation do not make me comfortable. But at the end of a service when someone says: “A great old fashion sermon!” I feel like singing: “Heaven came down and glory filled my soul!” It is not praise that I seek, but it is a feeling of appreciation that I have not gone off target.

I say these things not to downgrade others. I have had my yea’s and nay’s over the years, and I am mindful that few of us bat 1000. Even the best struggle to get near 400. (Baseball batting averages)

After reading Galatians 5 and being alerted to the “fruit of the Spirit”, we all need reminding of the words of the Apostle Paul; “Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with it passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.” (v24, 25)

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