I get tired of the advertisements that arrive in my mail. I realize that people need to make a living, however, the methods employed creates a multiplicity of frustrations. The individual writes me a letter, “Dear Ted,” like I was a long lost buddy. I immediately notice the picture has been taken by Google and it is the front of the house, which means they have no idea of the value.

Four years ago my wife went home to be with the Lord. I informed everyone that I knew might be interested in the information. Still, the Insurance companies, the banks, the hospitals continue with their efforts, even after I have sent notices. Sometimes she gets more mail than I.

Then, there are those who tell me about my risks if I fail to care for my family. It is aggravating to constantly be told how I need to care for everyone in the family when I know my financial limitations.

Then I read about the Post Office losing millions of dollars per year. If the advertising that arrives in the mail was paying the same rate as the rest of us, I dare say that it might be discovered that they are making a profit. After all, all of that advertising leads to their making a profit on their merchandise.

All of these things seem to produce an underlying guilt if I do not buy into their sales pitch. If one can suddenly give some large discount for an immediate purchase, I have to believe it was over priced to begin with.

This element of fear of which I am sharing only leads to frustration in an individual, or tensions within a family. I do not need, and we do not need, what everyone else thinks we need.

Then there are the spam calls on the telephone that you want to tell off, but as slick as greased lightning they leave a number for you to call back. Though I do not want to be rude, yet if only I could be a little discourteous, I might feel a little better, but only to have the Holy Spirit of God convict me for my behavior.

On occasion I have one that must be an amateur, and I get an opportunity to converse. I immediately let them know I appreciate their call and proceed to tell them of the Love of God that was in Christ Jesus. Later I might discover that I was talking to myself, but at least I made an effort and perhaps, just a word or two will remain with them before the cut off.

And this brief note that I have written? I trust that it will be sufficient to catch your attention and remind you that Christ died as a substitute for your sin, that He was buried and resurrected and offers the gift of eternal life if you would trust and follow Him. Pointed? Yes!

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