Most of us can remember that little statement: “I will give you a copy of my latest book, “Humility and how I obtained it!” After all, there can be a secret ego trip within that statement; then again, it might be a cautionary rebuke to the person to whom it was uttered.

Much is said about people who are so humble that you feel as though they are walked over by others. You probably have stepped in to “protect” the humble person or at least have felt, “why did I not step in?” when I observed that unwarranted fiasco.

Another experience that has imbedded itself into my thinking every so often is: “You know, I wish I had the amount of humility that permeated that person’s response. They were so cool throughout that situation.” I left the environment of the moment and had the element of jealousy toward such capability. Do not get me wrong, I learned then, and I continue to learn from such people. My regret is that it takes me all too long to imbed it in my thinking when needed.

We know that “before honor is humility”. Also, any service rendered should be done with humility. I will never forget the injunction presented by the Apostle Peter: “be clothed with humility.” (1 Peter 5:5) I also remember that statement by Bill Gothard: PBPGINFWMY… “Please be patient, God is not finished with me yet.”

We all know that the way up is down. When the young preacher candidated for a church and asked of the Board of Elders what type of a pastor they desired, one old-timer answered: “We want a man who, when on his knees, can reach Heaven!”

Humility is not often found in the young. It comes more so with age and a result of exposure to ego thinking. A few battle scars are usually indicative of having knocked a chip off the block. Someone said that the chip on the shoulder would indicate there is wood just above it.

Think for a moment: Humility is learned and earned.

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