I recall so well in my teen years, in our carpentry shop, how one of our jobs required extensive work involving the preparation of a room to hold a computer. What a job! Naturally, the computer in those days required almost an entire room being prepped for this installation.

Gradually, we have mastered the computers and even small phones can do what once required large space. Often I make a request of a family member to research something for me, knowing the speed with which they can obtain it.

Our cars no longer have a computer that cares for all of our operations, they have multiple computers. With the effort to embrace driverless cars, one can see how people will become more irresponsible about driving, and lawsuits will extend dramatically to the manufacturers. It is hard to envision where all of this will lead because of our dependence on the computer.

It is a task for a cashier to give the correct change if they are without a machine that does all the work for them. Without a high grade calculator, many of our young people would never make it through College. In Business School we were required to know through our 20 times tables.

Please don’t get me wrong, in our present economy the computer is a necessity. However, it has made us lazy in our thinking. Our son, a pastor, told me that he does not want my Library because he can get what he needs “on line” and does not need to have books and shelves everywhere in his home. You know, he is right.

This morning I read that someone said: “I have read through my Bible.” Another individual shared how they had just finished reading through their Bible and was now engaged in reading it again. Still others have shared how they have been reading through their Bible each year for years. This is exciting to hear because with each reading of each chapter, I continue to learn more and discover some gems that I missed previously.

Also, I must say thank you to those who jot a note and inform me of their involvement in distribution of the great truths of Scripture, and that they read the Word of God daily…regularly!

A verse that is prominent in my thinking, and I do not need the computer to recall, is: Psalm 119:11…”Your word I have treasured in my heart that I may not sin against YOU!” The 16th verse is another gem: “I shall delight in Your statutes; I shall not forget Your Word.” While I am at it, read the 119th Psalm in entirety!

God’s Word is a treasure! Because we are like horses without a bit and bridle, we need it constantly.

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