A topic of conversation, unquestionably! Yep! Left, right or in between, the opinions are “cemented” in our thinking, and anyone with an objection to my thinking is wrong.

I found a pistol in a burnt down house when a pre-teen and threw it away. During World War 2, when still a pre- teen-ager, we were digging trenches and crawling through fields with 303’s preparing to “defend” our little Island. Desperation filled everyone’s mind, and we were adamant about defense and victory. In Alaska, I was prepared for hunting and protection from an un-invited “animal” whose path we shared. When leaving Alaska, I saw no need to keep my 357 magnum or 8mm rifle; and now, at this stage of life me-thinks, do I need it? Yes? No?

My thinking changed from time to time because of circumstances; surroundings! My age, my motivation toward our surroundings, my value toward my life or another’s life, and probably my value toward death! After all, how important is it to survive this moment, which could be “death”, (Of which I am certain we are aware) as compared to that same moment for another? No easy moments, right?

Also, one might consider the era in which we attained enough “shoot ‘em up cowboy” films, who always won; and the TV (next week’s movie had to go on). The wars, the obvious solution to every problem or confrontation… a gun!

And now, the “games” available to “bump off”, to “erase” people with the finger on a mouse instead of a “trigger” of a gun! One has to observe that the gravity of a situation like this has impacted the thinking of our society. We are in trouble!

Life has become cheap! We treat it like these games, and fail to realize the impact on individuals… society in general. Accountability is a misnomer! Murderers, etc. are placed in confinement, not true Correctional institutions (another misnomer); and all at the expense of the taxpayer because we have allowed this gradual deterioration of our morals, and we are “worshiping” the “elite” of “accomplishments” and God has “become” a stranger in His created world.

Anyone can secure a gun without using the legal manner mandated. It reminds me of how I locked my keys in my truck. It was far from the most grandiose section of a city. I approached a man and said simply: “I know the reputation of this area; how long will it take to retrieve my keys? “Three minutes!”,was his reply. Sure enough, I was driving home in less than the three minutes.

The heart of the problem is the hearts of the people who use the weapons, and because that is basically rebellion toward God and His Word. Man, born with a sin nature remains that way unless he makes a decisive decision toward Jesus Christ, and continues to follow Him. Otherwise, he is subjective to his old nature, and there are no limits to what he determines to be acceptable.

Until God is paramount in our thinking in society, we can expect further deterioration. May I inject into your thinking a thought from yesteryear and every year: “Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He has sent.” (John 6:29) He can and will revolutionize our thinking. Him alone!

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