Over the years it has been my privilege to conduct numerous weddings. It did not take long for me to realize that the majority of people had ideas about what they wanted included in the vows they were making. It took less time for me to decide what I would or would not accept. While I can appreciate the effort to make the wedding “unique”, this is not a time to make it into “show biz”. This is a time of public commitment before your friends, relatives, or associates of both man and woman to a life of oneness, till death would separate you.

I realize that some will immediately quote from the Scriptures, (Matthew 5:31, 32) that divorce is permitted for “unchastity” or sexual impurity. While that is true, it does not say that it cannot be forgiven and a marriage rebuilt. One of the greatest chapters on “love” is found in 1 Corinthians 13 (Please read) and anything that is “childish” (v11) should be put away and buried in “perfection”; (v10 that will eventually be ours). Forgiveness begins here and now, not just then. I read somewhere: “Forgiveness is not transitory!” …I also read, “Faith ends in sight, Hope ends in presence, Love never ends.”

There are other things we discuss at length that I see as relates to marriage, but I only mention these as being so prevalent in our society.

I used to ask that in the event your marriage has problems, I am the first that you should call. Will you promise that to be the case? After I discovered that I never received a call, and some went on to divorce, I gave up on that! However, I have retained, after explaining what I believe and what I will be saying in the ceremony, you may want to withdraw your request that I perform your ceremony. Some have, and I was glad. Some have not and I was distraught.

As the Apostle Paul said: “Love is the greatest!

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