As I write this, we are in the midst of the impeachment hearings. Everyone is right, so they say; you and me? We are supposed to decide who is telling the truth, and to do so by evaluating everything we hear, including the commentators of the news media. Let’s face it, we have established our liberal or conservative conclusions a long time ago, and we become the interpreters of what we hear from our “established criteria.”

When “Moses and the elders of Israel” charged all of the people in Deuteronomy 27 with their responsibilities before the Lord when crossing into the Promised Land, they spoke a cumulative account of laws to which the people replied: AMEN! It was more than a “swearing before the courts”, because it was before God. Usually we add to that: “So help me God!”

I have concluded that someone is being “deceptive” in these hearings, and I do not have the responsibility of determining who that might be. There are sufficient men in that room, to seek the help of God, to make that determination. If they could only seek the mind and heart of the Lord, I believe that like Israel, they could say a hearty AMEN to verse 19 of Deuteronomy 27.

There other injunctions, laws, to which they’ve agreed on that occasion. Try reading the entire chapter. Principles, principles, principles! Few are the people that I spoke with over the years who did not think that verse 25 is being applied: “Cursed is he who accepts a bribe to strike down an innocent person.” And all the people shall say, “Amen!” needs application immediately. I do not want to imply that I present this as an accusation on what is current, but it is noticeable that people are elected to position on other people’s money; they are salaried with other people’s money; they retire on other people’s money; and they remain “questionable” to a large majority of our population.

The challenge to come out of this quandary in our current circumstances is one that remains a matter of prayer. Please do not “deceive” us!

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