Friends in Bermuda gave me a screen saver for my computer. They wanted me to have pictures of Bermuda as a reminder of “home, sweet home”. One of those pictures is that of a chameleon.

As children we found them a challenge to capture. We were fascinated with their ability to blend into their surroundings by changing color. We strove to be sure that our latest find surpassed everyone else’s.

If I pause for a few minutes while writing, up comes the chameleon. He is a constant witness to me of the necessity of not changing to blend in with the current surroundings, but to maintain an unquestionable commitment to Jesus Christ. This blog will probably never become anything “significant” to the general public. It is intended to develop as one believer shares its availability with others. It is to constantly endeavor to drive Christians to the realization that God and His Word are paramount.

There are many that name the Name of Jesus that are “wolves in sheep clothing”. I asked someone recently to name for me a statesman. As they sought the recesses of their mind, I prodded: “Lots of politicians, but few who fit the category of statesmen, right?”

There is much going on that has an identity they refer to as “crossover” and concepts that tie people to the “world“and to “Christ”. I ask simply, “Is this possible or is it chameleon in character?”

Matthew 6 indicates comparison and contrast throughout. There is judgment of self and others; there are gifts that are good and bad; two ways — broad and narrow; two beliefs — true and false; two faiths — professors and possessors; two foundations — rock and sand; two teachers — Jews and scribes.

The challenge of identifying a chameleon is not always as simple as it first seems. The cloak of deception through imitation becomes confusing as compared with those who outwardly mock and scorn the Savior. Yet, the challenge is there for us to heed. Loving a person does not necessitate acceptance of his belief system or practices.

God calls us out from the world and into Christ. To do this in accordance with Scripture, we must be “separated unto Jesus Christ”. (Romans 1:1)

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