During the years that we have traveled to Wikieup on Route 93, we were cognizant of the dangers inherent in the journey each week. I counted the crosses erected on “Dead Man’s Corner” – 16 visible without stopping the car. But, that was not the sole stretch of road that needed to be straightened; it will take them 10 years or more to dole out section after section for construction. When Reader’s Digest included it in its list of most dangerous roads, I knew that statistically my thoughts were verified.

An early segment of this construction involved the area at the Santa Maria River. It would become a major project that saw the erection of a new bridge and the demolition of an old one. It would be raised considerably, creating the necessity of new approaches and massive amounts of concrete around reinforcement steel to capacitate dual banked lanes in each direction.

Hardly had we begun to utilize this new stretch of highway when another bridge began construction at Kaiser Springs. This one will be more complicated than the previous bridge and at its completion; still another will begin at Burrow Creek.

Building bridges are necessary to upgrading our highways for many reasons; including the fact that time takes its toll. Deterioration sets in unobserved in most cases; nevertheless, it must be dealt with and certainly we cannot expect to handle increased traffic in outmoded or weakened conditions.

All of this leads me to think of situations that need to be BRIDGED. Husbands and wives need to realistically evaluate the strength of their marriage and actively engage in rebuilding. Children and parents need to re-establish long broken relationships, not waiting for the other to act. Friends of yesteryear need to be re-connected. None of these will be accomplished as long as we determine that we have to prove we were right for what happened initially, that the other individual must also apologize.

It is time to be big enough to rise above the pettiness of the past, to forgive, even if the other person still thinks he or she is not responsible. The Holy Spirit can do a far superior job on all of us if we do things with the dignity of a disciple. The Lord gave instruction in detail in both passages, Matthew 18 and 1 Corinthians 11, which we are not to wait for another to come crawling and clawing. Like the father of the prodigal son, run to meet them, forgive them, and celebrate together over restoration. (Luke 15)

So, you think I harp on this subject? You are on target! It is one of the most repulsive sins that I know to exist in our churches. Pick up your tool of forgiveness, and start building some bridges.

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