How in the world can such a variety of bread be made from the same basic ingredients? Beats me! However, there it is on the shelves of our Super Markets day after day. I am one of those guys that would prefer a hard roll and butter over any piece of Danish or doughnut. In fact, a couple moved here from upstate New York and opened a bakery with lots of goodies, but my first request was a hard roll with a bit of butter. It remains my preference as I visit them every so often.

When I spent much time in the Cake Shop Bakery in Bermuda with my good friends, Uncle Frankie and Aunt Belle, (no relationship except in Christ), it was hard for me to find a piece of bread to eat. They produced the greatest cakes and pastry one could buy. When I had a meal with them, I would prod her a little and say: “Is this Uncle Frankie’s Cake?” Her retort was always: “I do not serve the bakery cake, I make my own!” And that she did. It could not be beat.

They call bread “the Staff of Life”. It is obvious that it probably forms the most basic ingredient of our diet. Although I’m not a big bread eater, I would probably enjoy more of it except I don’t want to reach a point where I must look in a mirror to see my feet.

Wouldn’t it have been exciting to be with that crowd that experienced the multiplying of the bread and fishes by our Lord Jesus? Have you ever wondered where they procured those other eleven baskets in which to place the leftover food? Jesus, shortly after that miracle in John 6, spoke about His being “The Bread of Life”. Interestingly, He started that discourse by saying: “You sought me… because you ate the loaves and were filled.” He then told them to seek: “Not the food that perishes, but for the food which endures to eternal life”. Further, He said: “I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and He who believes in Me will never thirst.” (John 6:35)

Several things I know about bread; it is to be Broken, Received, Eaten, Assimilated, and Distributed. Jesus, as the bread of life, is to be embraced in the aforementioned method spiritually. Jesus said that “unless I eat His body, I have no life in me”.

A further thought: We do not eat haphazardly. It is important that we feast on Jesus consistently day by day. The method to do so is by reading the Scriptures, meditating on what has been read, and then applying our discoveries.

Now I think I’ll have a hard roll with a bit of butter.

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