It is as vivid today as it was in my childhood… that moment when my father stood on the corner of his property and said: “This is the corner of my property. The center of that stone marks the spot where my line stops and your uncle’s starts. There are three more at each of the other corners indicating our boundary.”

I looked at the property markers — concrete poured into those old-fashioned kerosene cans that were sunk into the ground almost two feet deep. You can be sure that there was little likelihood that they would be moved by anyone. There would be no necessity for a surveyor to come back and repeat his job any time in the near future. This was a common practice back in those days and on my visits to Bermuda today, I can still see boundary markers in many locations.

When we purchased our home in Sun City my neighbor informed me that the previous neighbor had infringed on her property with his border. Rather than argue, I simply moved my markers to her satisfaction, two to three inches. If the next owners want to argue, let them pay the surveyor.

There was a time when boundary markers were vulnerable to relocation. Imagine how much property could be illegally obtained by moving the marker just one inch per month. God’s people are committed to moral integrity and warned not to be a participant in such conduct. While the first part of Proverbs 23:10 gives warning, verse 11 reminds us that “their Redeemer is strong”. God is caring for those who are abused and ultimately one gives account to HIM; again, if I do not “give my heart to discipline”, I will experience discipline from the Lord.

We had many clearly defined boundary markers, if you please, in years gone by that no longer exist. We saw them as narrow, old fashioned and any other expression that justifies our “more mature status”. We did not entertain the world on Saturday and the Lord’s crowd on Sunday. The church held fast on issues such as divorce. Preachers proclaimed the sin of homosexuality as such and warned of God’s impending judgment. These are but a few of the old-fashioned boundary markers that have been replaced with “more thoroughly refined scholarship”.

It is time to re-establish our boundaries and entrench them so deeply that they are not vulnerable to the whims and wishes of men. They wait for us to hold the line and show the way.

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