The memory of the righteous is blessed,

But the name of the wicked will rot.

Proverbs 10:7

Patsy and I were having lunch one day with a friend named Barbara when the principle of the verse Proverbs 10:7 began to touch my heart. “The memory of the righteous is blessed.” While we were eating with her, I found that my mind was on her mother, Mary. Forty plus years ago, Barb had invited me to meet her husband-to-be. While doing so, her mother came home and I was introduced to Mary.

Mary knew and loved her Lord. When her husband left her, she brought up her three children to know and love the Lord. She worked tirelessly at her job, visited the sick, entertained more people than you could ever begin to imagine, and opened her home to the youth who needed a “mother”. Seldom did she miss attendance at church services and usually someone occupied the seats in her car as she arrived at the House of the Lord.

Barbara is duplicating much of what she observed in her mother. I guess that was part of the reason she had insisted we have lunch with her.

A few years ago, Mary felt some pain in her chest so she drove to the hospital. There they discovered she had a massive heart attack. A few hours later she was in the presence of the Lord. In the years since then she has left an indelible impression on the minds and hearts of ever so many of being a “righteous” woman.

Recently I have had the compelling desire to just stand at the foot of her grave and say “thanks”. Someday I will. In the interim I rest confidant that she knows how much Patsy and I loved her and the blessing she was in our lives.

God’s desire for me is righteousness. If only my life would touch one person on my route to the grave, I would feel that my living has not been in vain. By the way, even if I never hear it from another, to do all as unto the Lord makes living with that desire a worthwhile goal.

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