With permission from the author, our dear friend and brother in Christ, Clive Price, we share with you this poem.

‘Twas the night before Christmas

And all you could hear

Were stories of Santa

And his eight little reindeer.

The air waves crackled

With sounds of the season,

But few there were

That knew the true reason.

Children were hoping

To wake up and find

That Santa had been there

And left gifts behind.

While in the stores the last minute

Shoppers literally flew

Looking for this and looking for that

But they had not a clue.

Forget all the presents,

Forget boxes and bows;

Give me the answer

If any one knows.

Remember the Savior

Who came long ago,

Forgiveness and blessings

On each to bestow.

He was born of a virgin

In a stable so low.

God sent His dear Son

To die here below.

Jesus was sent

By His Father above

To tell all the world of His

Wonderful love.

This is the Savior whom

Today we adore;

Not the red Santa Claus

We see in the store.

Oh if I could go back

To the old fashioned years

When children sang songs

Of the Savior so dear!

Gifts were hand made

And given with love

Because Jesus came down

From His throne above.

Salvation is ours

Cleansing whiter than snow,

We sing with the angels

Our hearts all aglow.

When darkness shrouds

The last fading of light

Be a star shinning,

Shinning ever so bright.

To let the world know

That Jesus, God’s Son

Has conquered all sin

The battle is won.

I’d bring back the red kettles

And the sweet ringing bells,

While all the world’s children

Sing their favorite carols.

Then, with deep flowing love

I can tell you it’s true

Christ was born!! Merry Christmas!!

And God’s blessings on you!!

Clive W. Price 12-18-04

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