Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

MattHEW 11:28

Our recent return to my homeland, the Island of Bermuda, produced much by way of reflection. As the plane began its descent, the Captain announced the arrival time in Bermuda to be in approximately thirty minutes. As the minutes slipped by we were aware of the color changes in the ocean. We viewed the reefs with the waves rolling over them causing patches of white water. We heard the undertow of exclamations from passengers viewing it all for the first time, and were reminded afresh of what those reefs represent to this Island paradise.

Over the years, hundreds of boats and ships have perished in their endeavor to maneuver through those reefs. Many a pleasant day has ended in tragedy when all maneuvering was to no avail. In contrast, as children, we swam around those reefs and enjoyed the marine life in all of its splendor. We sensed a feeling of protection during World War II. Certainly the location of the forts on the Island testifies to the fact that the early settlers enjoyed a similar feeling with those reefs producing a natural safeguard to the island.

Jesus Christ is the “Comforter” spoken of in John 14, the bearer of heavy laden’s in Matt. 11:28, and love epitomized in John 15:13… (plus a host of other terms used throughout Scripture for the description of His love toward lost man-kind). In contrast, He is also the One who declared that He came to bring judgment, a sword, and condemnation to a world who rejected Him. (John 9:39; Matt. 10:34) Christ can and will be a HAZARD to those “outside” the encompassment of His love… those who reject the enfoldment of His salvation. He is a HAVEN to those, who in faith, trust Him as Savior and acknowledge His blood as the only protection for eternity.

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