The sound of Christmas is in the air

The aura of Christmas is everywhere

Decorations are hanging for all to see

Each home is bedecked with a Christmas tree.

Cards and letters arrive by the score

Reminding us all of our friends once more

The stores have been laden with toys since this Fall

The boys and the girls want some of them all

The talk is of Santa and his eight reindeer

Rudolph the Red Nose, is no longer a spare

Logistics are thrown far once again

Our fairytale hero will survive all disdain.

If Christmas is treated, just like it should be

The emphasis will not focus on you or on me

The truth of the birth of the barn that day

Born in a stable…in a manger with hay

Clothed in garments resembling death

This is the place He took His first breath.

The shepherds had heard the angels on high

The birth of the Savior, announced from the sky

They headed for Bethlehem, singing again

The joyful refrain, “Jesus has come, dwelling as man.”

They saw Him and fell in adoration and praise

This type of worship would fill all their days.

Are things any different than what they were then?

You have to believe it, look at Christmas again.

Christ is removed and Santa enthroned

Commercialism is all that we hear being intoned

What people want turns into what do we need

The whole of this Season is wrapped up in greed.

I cannot be responsible for what others have done

For me this Season means getting back to the Son

It means that somehow, in the midst of this celebration

We begin sharing afresh, our Hope and Salvation

The Babe that was born in a Bethlehem stall

Came to rescue, redeem, and offer pardon to all

Let’s refresh our thinking, let us proclaim His Name

Jesus! Jesus! He is ever the same

With the angels, exalting sing: Glory to God!

He has offered “peace”, He has visited our sod

“Joy to the World the Lord is Come!” what a proclamation!

This Christmas, let this Jesus have our adoration.

-Ted Cowen

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