Then his wife said to him, “Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!

Job 2:9

Over the years I have been associated with people who have chosen to commit suicide. The methods have been varied and the reasons even more so. It has been frustrating to see life ebbing from a body because someone considered their existence to be worthless. No amount of counseling by professionals, amateurs, or personal friends could help them to arise from their defeatist attitude; not even the effect it would have on others close to them.

One of the interesting accounts that engage my thinking is that of Job. Here was a man who was taking a “beating”. His story is contained in the Bible, just prior to Psalms and Proverbs. Satan, endeavoring to turn Job’s commitment from God, takes away his personal possessions, his business (sheep), his family, and then his health. He became a very sickly sight! His wife was not the ideal of encouragement as she said: “Curse God and die”! (Job 2:9)

When Job’s friends came to encourage him and assist this hopeless heap of humanity, they discovered Job to be intent in his relationship with God. They used all of their ingenuity to convince him that perhaps his wife was right and that though they did not use the identical words as her, they were on the same track.

In my thinking, they were saying that suicide was the best route. Deny Him, God, and a He will surely bump you off and all of this will be over with. Who are we to endeavor to take God’s place?

In our community of Senior Citizens one is alerted to this subject far too frequently. Our community is “Active Retirement”, and after being here since 1986 I am certain that the condensation makes us more aware of Job’s wife’s thinking. The Research Institute is doing a great job and as progress is made, many of our maladies will be bygones; certainly not worthy of suicide.

What can we do personally? A note! A phone call! A visit! A portion of Scripture… Many of the Psalms could be read and never forget that God has a purpose in each circumstance of life and you, yes, you could be the instrument that He chooses to use in that occurrence in that individuals life. They need more than a professional; they need the love of a concerned individual. If you can think of nothing else, a good start would be Psalm 23 followed by prayer. God still uses, and promised to always use HIS WORD.

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