But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night.

Psalm 1:2

Every now and again I see someone wearing a T-Shirt that says, “I am Blessed”, and probably the individual is blessed far more than what he\she realizes. I know that if I had such a shirt and someone commented, I would ask if I might share with them what I am currently experiencing, and then go back over the list of things that I have experienced, and next the group that I anticipate in the future. For instance, I might start with: the air I am breathing, the ability to hear and speak, to walk, to be able to think, to drink, I have friends and relatives, and the list goes on, but the best thing is that I have Jesus as my Savior.

This Psalm embraces a whole different thought. The blessed man is one who “walks not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor sits in the seat of sinners, or stands in the counsel of the ungodly”. He is rejoicing in what he has left behind, (what was the norm of an ungodly man) and is now living the life of a godly man. To think that those whom he considered ideal were actually warped thinkers!

What about the scoffers? Those who found nothing but distain for the Lord or His Word! They are scattered all around us, and seek to draw us into discussion of their speculative ideas. It is best not to even listen to their ignorance, and to stick closely to what God says. To win a discussion may cause us to lose a friend and a future opportunity.

The second verse of Psalm 1 says it all: “Delight in the law of the Lord, and meditate on it day and night.” We cannot go wrong because His Word is like cool water to a thirsty soul. Present it as sufficient for you, AND THEM! You are speaking of your BLESSING and the possibility for Him. (v1)

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