“And all who sat in the council, looking steadfastly at him, saw his face as the face of an angel.”

Acts 6:15

Some of most exciting truths of Scripture come in the form of a few words- injected into a most interesting account. For instance, “the Council saw his face like the face of an angel.” (Acts 6:15)

The Scriptures record that the face of Moses, Jesus, and that of Stephen “shone”. He preached only one sermon that is recorded, yet, that sermon contained so many truths, and he was sufficiently motivated, that the only description that emanated was he “looked like the face of an angel”. I have to admit that if that should happen just once in my years in the ministry, I would be ecstatic. Not proud, rather humbled that God had allowed me such a privilege.

As we read the entire content of that one sermon, we get excited that in the face of danger, Stephen could personify an “angel”. I am not certain what constituted that feeling within that group, but the fact that he could emphasize how God had honored Abraham as he stepped forth in faith from Haran, was indicative of God’s approval. He never so much as inherited a “foot of ground”. But his descendants surely did.

God’s timing is always perfect, whether we look at Stephen saying: “But as the time of the promise was approaching, which God had assured to Abraham, the people increased and multiplied in Egypt.”

Ere long, the sermon warmed up, and instead of the people being excited with what was being said, some in the crowd aggravated others and within minutes Stephen was stoned to death. He became the first martyr, dying with the angelic look on his face.

Question, how important is the message of Calvary and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to you? Would you be willing to die to spread it?

One thought on “WHAT DID THEY OBSERVE?

  1. I often think of Patty as being close to angelic as any one I know. So many good qualities, and such a dear sweet person…


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